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Bruce Gray scoring 49 points with 17 circles, edging out Kyle Lamb who scored 49 with 12.

Tetreau Training

Tetreau’s Silver Bullet Challenge

Take the Tetreau Challenge and you could be one of the few to earn a custom, one of a kind, serial numbered, full ounce .999 Silver Bullet and be recognized on our website.

Purchase your targets on line or at the nearest participating indoor-range. Set the target up at 5 yards for some practice and when ready, take the test at 5 yards. You will need 5 magazines of 10 rounds.

Line Scoring

Follow instructions on the target and each hit that touches the lines would count for one point.

1. Two handed, 5 rounds, Left to Center line; A to X

2. Two handed, 5 rounds, from Right to Center B to X (two dummy rounds optional)

3. Right handed only, 5 rounds from Top to Center. C to X

4. Left handed only, 5 rounds from Bottom to Center D to X. For ties, count bonus points for each bullets that are touching actual drawn holes. The most bonus points wins. Only one bullet per printed dot;(do not count two points if one hole is touching two dots.)

Circle Scoring

1. 5 shots from the draw at the small black circle #1.
Shots from the draw must be double action if that pistol has it. The Draw is slow and deliberate. This target is meant to be a training tool NOT a speed challenge.

2. 5 shots Slow Fire, two handed, single action, from the aimed in position, at the small white circle, #2.
Slow fire is single action and the hammer (double/single handguns) may be placed in the single action position.

3. Draw and fire two shots : Controlled-Pairs at the larger black dot #3.
Controlled-Pair shots are two separate sight pictures and two trigger presses with a follow up sight picture. 

4. Draw and fire two rapid shots (Double-Taps) at the larger white circle #4.
Double-Tap shots must be at least 30% faster than the control pair shots. A “Double-Tap” is defined as one sight-picture, two trigger pulls. This should be faster than the control pair. If your split times between two shots on a controlled-pair are .75 seconds, your split times on a double-tap should be at least .50 sec.  A double-tap is NOT just how fast you can pull/press the trigger with one sight picture but how fast you can control the weapon AS you take two rapid presses of the trigger.

All shots that touch the circles count as one point.

To claim your bullet, take the following steps:
Register online at the ORDER REGISTER page and purchase your targets.
Take a video of you shooting one of the ONE HANDED targets and the final two stages of the target. The video should include you shooting from the required distance and it will verify the double taps are faster than the control pairs. Video should show a view of you and the target. Sign your target and mail it to: GT Enterprise, PO Box 4143 Leesburg, VA 20177. Upon verification, a solid, one once, Silver Bullet will be shipped at no charge.
Email your video and photo of you with your target to:  (Limit one coin per shooter)
1 OZ Silver Bullet: 50 points from 5 Yards