Tetreau Training

  • 1 second2:05

  • Session B Reloads19:16

‚ÄčPerfect Practice makes Perfect

Dry-fire is the best way to shoot better and the best news is ... it is FREE!
Mike Seeklander's best selling training book, "Your Competition Handgun Training  Program" outlines the essentials of dry-firing. In his book, he outlines session A and Session B. Session A is all about the draw, stationary and while moving. Session B is all about the reload. This session is almost a 20 minute work out. Do it right and you may develop a little sweat on your brow. Enhance your session B by wearing the Reload Basket. Sure it may look funny, but in the privacy of your home, you will see how much more training time you have when you don't have to bend over and search for your magazines.
Are you a new shooters who doesn't have a timer and don't want to spend $100 on one yet?  Use the examples to the right for your dry-fire training.

1sec, 1.1 sec, 1.2 sec, 1.3 sec.......2sec and 5 sec.
Dry firing is important, but nothing beets the smell of gun-powder at the range. Here are some drills that will help with your skills.


  • Session A Dry Fire 1.8 sec15:18

The Basic Draw.

  • 1.6 seconds2:22

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