20 round Distance Test

Using the four circles at four distances, fire five rounds in each circle using the following instructions: (All fired from the aimed in position)

5 yards:  5 seconds, fire 5 rounds at the upper small black circle.

10 yards: 10 seconds, fire 5 rounds at the upper small white circle.

15 yards: 15 seconds, fire 5 rounds at the lower, larger black circle.

20 yards: 20 seconds, fire 5 rounds at the lower, larger white circle.

One point for each round touching the circles.

17-20 points - MASTER

14-17 points - EXPERT

10-13 points - SHARPSHOOTER

Triple Hand Shake

This Drill will set up practice for shooting with two hands, strong hand and weak hand.

Hang the target upside down so the 3 and 4 circle are on top.

Draw and fire one round in circle #2 with two hands, fire one round in circle #3 with Strong Hand only, transition pistol to weak hand and fire one round in circle #4 Weak Hand only.

Record your times. Start off slow focusing on the basics as well as transitioning to the weak hand. Make special note of sights with the weak hand and then focus on a straight trigger press without anticipation. As times improve and your actions become thoughtless, increase your times and distance.

Once you have this drill down, repeat with two shots each position. Be aware of the sights lifting off the target and back on. Transition to the strong hand target after the second shot is fired.

Reload Drills:

From 5-10 yards, draw on the large white circle and fire two rounds. Conduct a reload and fire two rounds on the small white circle. The two rounds on the draw should be slightly faster than the two shots on the smaller circle. Conduct 5 repetitions of this then reverse the order and draw and fire two rounds on the small circle, reload and fire two rounds on the large one. If you record your splits for both, you should notice your draw may be slightly slower when drawing on the smaller target and your reloads may be faster as you have a larger target to aim at, following your reload.

Tetreau Training

50 Round Skill Builder

The 50 round skill builder target was designed for easier use by instructors. The numbered and lettered targets allow easier understanding to commands given to students. :

     LINES  = 20 rounds

5 rounds slow fire Left to Center (A-X)

5 rounds slow fire Right to Center (B-X)

5 rounds Right Hand only Top to Center (A-X)

5 rounds Left Hand only Bottom to Center (D-X)

    CIRCLES  = 30 rounds

Draw and fire one rounds at upper left, black circle (#1) repeat for a total of 5 shots. (Double Action if pistol has it)

From the aimed in position, fire 5 shots slow fire at upper white circle (#2) (Single Action)

Draw and fire two rounds  (controlled Pair) at bottom Black circle (#3) repeat 5 times.

Draw and fire two rounds faster (Double Taps) at large white circle (#4) repeat 5 times

Score one point for each round touching lines or circles. MAX is 50 points.