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Aiming for Zero

50 round Aiming For Zero SLOW -FIRE


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This Skill Builder Warm-up is a target designed to train and improve the basics of pistol shooting skills in a short period of time.  Often, people go to the range without a plan. This will provide structure and challenge the skills of Two-handed slow fire, strong and weak handed shooting, double action and single action(if the gun has it), slow, perfect draw stroke, controlled-pairs on smaller target and double taps on a larger target.

The unique horizontal and vertical lines provides a challenge of it's own and will readily identify trigger control issues as you try to keep one-handed shooting on the vertical lines.

The larger dotted 8" circles are referenced for those who shoot IDPA. This target is essentially four IDPA target DOWN ZERO Zones for other training drills.

50 Round

Skill Builder Target  III